MoonSwap Weekly Report (Dec 21st to Dec 27th) | MoonSwap APP Upgrade & Christmas Carnival & More…

To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week. Product wise, MoonSwap has added new functions like ConfluxScan and MoonSwap forum on MoonSwap app. Ecosystem wise, ConDragon NFT sale set new records with revenue plus lock-up volume exceeding 1million cMoon. More suprises will come alive next week. Please stay tuned!

Community wise, MoonSwap has released and passed its first community proposal. In the meantime, MoonSwap, Conflux and ConDragon co-hosted the Christmas Carnival and providde participants with high rewards. MoonSwap also completed its MEME competition and ConDragon NFTs airdrop in our Discord group. The 11th stage of the ConDragon Blind Box sale included Christmas elements in the ConDragon NFT design.

1.New functions added on MoonSwap APP — Dec.23rd

On Dec.23rd, MoonSwap has added scanning feature and access to MoonSwap forum. Users can directly get access to ConfluxScan and MoonSwap forum through MoonSwap APP on their phone.

2.MoonSwap V2 Launching Soon

MoonSwap V2 has completed its internal testing and will be released to our community in several days. MoonSwap V2 has integrated all features and services of MoonSwap and will certainly better support the development of MoonSwap going forward and bring out community with better user experience.

1.ConDragon NFT sale set new records — Dec. 22nd

ConDragon NFT has been officially on sale. As of Dec. 22nd, the total sales revenue exceeded 400K cMOON, the total lock-up volume exceeded 600K cMOON, and the total reward pool exceeded 200K cMOON.

2. Christmas Carnival co-hosted by MoonSwap, Conflux and ConDragon — Dec.24th

From Dec.24th to 27th, Christmas Carnival was held to give out Christmas gifts to users. A reward pool of 660 cMOON, 500 CFX, and ConDragon limited NFT were shared during the campaign. Rewards will be distributed within 2 days after the event.

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3. ConDragon Christmas Blind Box Giveaway— Dec.25th

At Stage 11 of ConDragon Blind Box sale, 60% of the blind box went into the bonus pool where we put 150 Christmas ConDragon NFTs. From Dec. 26th to 28th, there would be 14 different types of Christmas ConDragon NFTs. And the limited edition of SSS-level ConDragon NFT with Christmas elements would be released.

1.First MoonSwap Community Proposal Released and Passed — Dec.23rd

On Dec. 23rd, we released our first community proposal regarding Staking Vault after MoonSwap’s community governance had been officially launched. Meanwhile, the detailed MoonSwap community committee governance plan was also announced to clarify the working mechanism behind it. The MoonSwap community also needs to recruit new members to better streamline the governance procedure.

The proposal attracted atotal of more than 1 million cMOON in votes, presenting a 10% of cMOON’s circulation. 56.26% of them are Yes votes and 43.74% voted No. Hence, MoonSwap’s very first proposal was officially passed by the community and now 0.05% of the MoonSwap transaction fees will be injected into Staking Vault, whereas the number used to be 0.04%.

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2.MoonSwap MEME Competition Winner List Released

MoonSwap welcomed its end on Christmas day. To thank our community for their contributions, the rewards were increased to 9 ConDragon NFT from 3 after our discussion.

3.Join MoonSwap Discord Group for ConDragon NFTs — Dec. 25th

On Dec.25th, MoonSwap announced that a ConDragon NFTs giveaway as a Christmas gift for the community members lasting from Dec. 26th to 28th. By joining the MoonSwap Discord Group , you will have the chance to obtain 60 ConDragon NFTs. Don’t miss out!

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