MoonSwap Community Committee Governance Plan #1

MoonSwap’s community governance has been officially launched. Now we have also released our first community proposal:

We hope that MoonSwap will continue to run well under community governance and eventually move towards community autonomy. We will gradually achieve this goal. And the community committee will play a very important role in this process.

In order to standardize the governance, we decided to transfer the function of community management from the Community Manager to the Community Committee. The original Community Manager can apply for joining the community committee.

After the transfer, the Community Committee will deal with the following matters:

1. General maintenance of the forum. Members of the Community Committee will be granted the Moderator permission group to manage forum posts.
2. General maintenance of MoonSwap community, including Discord, Telegram and WeChat.
3. Review and vote on community proposals.
4. other matters.

Members of the Community Committee will also be rewarded by MoonEcoDAO, tentatively set at 200 MOON per month. It can be adjusted according to actual conditions in the future. Members of the Community Committee should also be active and should attend on a regular basis. If for some reason, the member has not performed their duties of the community committee for a long time, the member will be removed from the Community Committee.

The Community Committee will always remain open and accept new applications from community members. Please submit the application materials to:

the community committee will respond within one week.

MoonSwap will also encourage the growth and promotion of MoonSwap community. We welcome community members to promote MoonSwap as MoonSwap ambassadors and apply for corresponding remuneration from MoonEcoDAO. Please submit the application content to the MoonSwap forum, which should include:

1. what contributions will you make to MoonSwap? (Increasing referral traffic to community/creating new communities/community promotion/others)
2. what effects will you achieve? (Number of new communities/promotion effects/others)
3. how much compensation do you need to apply for?

MoonSwap ambassadors will also be reviewed by the Community Committee and announced to the entire community. The Community Committee will also be responsible for monitoring the promotion effect of MoonSwap ambassadors. MoonSwap ambassadors need to submit work reports to the MoonSwap Community Committee every two weeks and be reviewed. The MoonSwap ambassador who has failed the review for two consecutive weeks will automatically withdraw from the program.

In addition, community developers are also the most valuable for MoonSwap. MoonSwap is constantly expanding its business scenarios. We believe that community developers will help us achieve our goals faster. You are welcome to submit relevant information as a developer in the MoonSwap forum. The following content should be included:

1. field of expertise (contract writing/UI/front-end/back-end)
2. programming experience
3. past experience

We are looking forward to your active participation in the MoonSwap community.


Your name/ID : Julien Raphael

Your market experience : 3 Year

The country you are in: France

A short self-introduction to explain why you are : Community Manager, Ambassador Working with lots of project since 3 year,

Raphael’s Background:
I’m a Developer with 3 years of management experience, also I’m the admin of the France group, expanding Moonswap brand awareness in France.
Raphael’s Vision:
My vision for the Moonswap is to see the Moonswap products gain wide adoption and acceptance. Also, I’m committing to educating developers, communities and individuals to gradually drive developers to develop projects that will benefit the ecosystem. Lastly, I want to see developers can adopt the Moonswap service.

Currently Working

Razor Network
Dego Finance
Apron Network
Unilend Knight
Ormeus Ecosystem