What happened to my original 3 Eth i farmed?

can some one explain in lay-mens terms, I think my eth is gone.
It appears i now have only 1,418.4109 xmoon. originally about 6 months ago I staked/farmed about $2000.00 dollars, 3 ETH and $1000.00 of moon. was farming as price of moon steadly dropped. logged on about three months ago, did conflux portal thing and my coins were converted to c-eth &cmoon. logged on today seemed like my eth or ceth were gone, converted my cmoon to xmoon. 1,1418.4109xmoon.
are my original eth gone? should i just get out? and how do I get out* salvaging any amount of investment if possible?

I think you have MLP token now, you can check here: MoonSwap

Stake MLP token, you can farm cMOON;

Unstake MLP token and remove liquidity, you can get your cETH and cMOON back.