The auction debits the money, but there is no product

Hello everyone.I hope for help in solving this problem, as this problem is not my only one.The essence of the problem is that when you buy something at an auction, the money disappears without a trace, but the purchased product is not in the inventory.I’m in shoke.guys, how is that? Here is my wallet, you can see the last two transactions each at 0.1 CFX.

gentlemen, what is going on, why is the money gone, and everyone is silent?

Is it in the ConDragon game?

Yes, of course

Can i have the tx hash or the screenshot?

What material did you buy



What did you buy

I didn’t buy anything,but the money was debited twice.I ended up losing 0.2 CFX.I am confused by the fact that no one is in a hurry to help in this situation.

I bought resources “B”,or rather tried to buy that time,the price of 0.1 was the minimum, and 0.15 was the average.

A week passed…

What are you going to buy

Lava bottle

at the time of purchase, the lowest price was 0.1,and then only two lots, then the price was 0.15 CFX.but probably not this is the main thing, but the fact that on this forum for some reason no one wants to help solve this problem for a WEEK, although what could be easier, to track down two transactions that I did not receive the goods and how to fix it.strange attitude to the players.


Go to the wallet address to check it, it should be in the account

man, I’m not an idiot.if everything was as you write, I would not have created this topic.

Is it this wallet address? cfx:aapmhsvj3d24b05ag3yvs2eavwgdz9063e3twtzmtn

yes, this is my wallet

Enter the game to see if there are two more lava bottles

yes,indeed, there were did you do it?

Hello again.This is already becoming an abnormal habit.The Russian-speaking community is afraid to use the market in the game,since out of 10 cases,in 8 cases there will be a loss of money…I am extremely tired of this,that I have to go to this branch after buying and not receiving items,turn on the translator,and write complaints here,hoping to get what I paid for.My cfx wallet:aapmhsvj3d24b05ag3yvs2eavwgdz9063e3twtzmtn .My purchase that I didn’t receive is 0xcbdad6f3b333eb45fdda3a5423284144647ab62857083837749ada0831651a8d This time I didn’t receive the Alerxandrite shard.TAKE ACTION!