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For those who have yet to join the Moomswap discord channel here’s a link.
Here we discuss everything Moonswap. Any community updates can be found here. Also, any issues or bugs you may run into can be presented. Come join and spread the word of Moonswap.

Bondarenko Maxim Ivanovich
I want to take part in the ambassador program
Early experience over 3 years
Hello, my name is Maksim. I live in Russia. I’ve heard a lot about the MoonSwap project. I have experience in this area, I am interested in this direction, and I will gladly share my experience on how to make the project better and so that people know and talk about it. This is a good opportunity to apply your skills in writing articles, translating, creating videos for social networks. I want to share my experience and benefit the MoonSwap team.
Give me a chance to be part of your team