MoonSwap Community Committee: New member WonterB

Today, we are glad to introduce a new member on MoonSwap Governance Committee to you, and his name ID @WouterB. @WouterB submitted his application last week.

After the internal discussion, te Governance Committee decided to welcome WouterB onboard and here is our comment on WouterB:

*WouterB is one of the earliest community members of MoonSwap. As an OG of the crypto world, WouterB started his journey back to 2016 and has clear and deep understanding of how it works. More importantly, WouterB is a developer and marketer with rich experience. *

*As he stated: “I have been in Crypto since 2016 and worked as an advisor for several projects and traveled the world, doing marketing and networking for these projects. I’m a developer and have my own software business in Europe. I want to contribute to the MoonSwap project as much as possible using my knowledge and experience as a developer and marketer.” *

All of these qualities are very valuable to MoonSwap community and WouterB is undertaking some development duties for MoonSwap. Let’s give WouterB a round of applause.

The MoonSwap community committee is open to the entire community. We also hope that members who join the community committee can have a sufficient understanding of MoonSwap’s business and development. The application conditions are as follows:

:one: you should have been in the MoonSwap community for at least 1 month;

:two: you are at least level 5 on Discord(will be adjusted over time);

:three: you are active in the MoonSwap community for at least one week;

:four: you have made at least one piece of contribution to MoonSwap community development (developer, community growth, videos/articles production, etc.);

:five: members with outstanding contributions to the MoonSwap community have extra scores.


Perfect…Welcome WouterB


Glad to have you part of the committee :grin:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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