MoonCake 2.0 revision is coming soon, stake to claim consensus NFT

MoonCake has been running for more than 7 months. At present, more than 3 million $cMOON are staked in MoonCake, and APY is close to 9%.

Now, we plan to upgrade MoonCake to lock in more assets and accelerate the deflationary process of $MOON. At the same time, Consensus NFT will be issued to the first batch of users who enter MoonCake2.0.

Consensus NFT can only be obtained by staking a corresponding amount of $cMOON in MoonCake2.0, a total of 10 different levels, and the total supply is 5844.

The details of the Consensus NFT are as follows:

cMOON staked in a single transaction Consensus NFT Types Total Supply
100 Sailor 3500
500 Optimist 1000
1000 Defender 600
2000 Guider 400
5000 Protector 200
10000 Idealist 80
20000 Resonator 30
50000 Aspirant 18
100000 Dreamer 10
200000 Believer 6

According to the amount of $cMOON staked in a single transaction, each address can only claim the same type of NFT once, and can only claim the highest level of NFT.


For the first time, Alice staked 2000 $cMOON in a single transaction, and she can claim a Guider NFT reward. Then Alice staked 8000 $cMOON again, although the total staked amount reached 10000 $cMOON, but it is calculated based on the number of $cMOON stakes in a single transaction, so users only can claim Protector NFT, but cannot claim the Dreamer NFT.

If you have any suggestions for this program, please leave them in the comment section.

Do the NFTs have any benefits like voting rights, etc? And Why is the there a max supply?

For this and future NFT minting events please use a Captcha to prevent bots from obtaining all the NFTs