How to stake cMOON to get staking income?(MoonCake)?

1.Connect to your wallet.

Note: the Conflux wallet in demonstration is a test account
Go to MoonCake and click [Connect Wallet]. Conflux wallet will pop up and select a wallet address that you want to connect with. If you don’t have a Conflux address yet, please click the link to create one.

2.Convert cMOON into xMOON

(1) Click [Convert into xMOON], enter the amount of xMOON that you want to convert. Or click [Buy Now] to go [Swap] and swap for cMOON tokens. Then [Confirm] and approve the transaction in the wallet.

(2) When cMOON are converted into xMOON, you won’t be able to see the cMOON rewards in real-time. The rewards generated and principal will show when your xMOON are converted back to cMOON. To convert back, please enter the amount and click [Confirm].

(3) Click [Withdraw] to withdraw your prinicipal and cMOON dividends to your wallet.

Note: The conversion of xMOON to cMOON will have a 7-day consensus period, after the consensus period ends, users can immediately receive the staked cMOON and the proceeds distributed by Staking Vault. During the consensus period, if the user wants to receive it immediately, 0.3% (of the staked cMOON and the proceeds distributed by Staking Vault) will be deducted and re-injected into Staking Vault to reward community consensus members who continue to hold xMOON. Every time xMOON is converted to cMOON, the consensus period will be reset.

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Stake cMOON and earn profit.

Thanks for the guidance