How to Deposit and Withdraw

1.Enter MoonSwap, click “Wallet” and click on the token you want to deposit

2.Click “Deposit”

You can also scan the code through the APP of other exchanges or wallets to deposit

3.Next, let’s try the withdrawal process, click “Withdraw”

First enter the number of assets you want to withdraw, and then enter the Ethereum wallet address you want to withdraw (please DON’T withdraw assets to any address other than the Ethereum address)

You need to know that there is a small withdrawal fee for each withdrawal, please be prepared before withdrawing.

Please read the instructions for withdrawing assets carefully. After completing the preparations, please click Confirm Withdraw to withdraw assets.

After clicking Confirm Withdraw, the Conflux wallet will be authorized at this time. Click Confirm to complete the withdrawal. This is a cross-chain withdrawal, which will arrive in about 8~15 minutes.


You need to pay attention, please do not deposit any ERC20 assets (including MOON) to the Conflux wallet address because this will cause your assets to be lost.

Because it is a cross-chain deposit, Ethereum and Conflux have different asset standards. Your assets will be mapped to cToken after the deposit is completed. Its value is the same as your original assets. If you need to restore the original assets, you only need to cross Withdraw the chain to Ethereum.

am using system since January but, recently I am having problems to claim rewards, kindly suggest.