【Application】Adding SYI trading pair and liquidity to moonswap

Token: SYI
Token contract:cfx:acd2m8tcgwx8f4v3t3ew2ej3yh8xwkh05ak04ukgut
Total circulation: 120,000,000
Add trading pair:SYI/USDT, SYI/CFX

SYI distribution
The current circulation of Conflux is 40,000,000
Mining and Community user incentives 100%

Project Name: ShouYi
Project website: https://shouyibtc.com/
(Conflux beta: shouyibtc.com/conflux/beta/, will be changed to official link that will be removed suffix beta when deploye officially.)

Project Description
ShouYi is a “combinable leverage reinvestment mining” income aggregator, running on all EVM compatible chains (currently deployed trial version in HECO, HSC, OEC). ShouYi’s design purpose is to optimize the user’s experience in DeFi mining, and to maximize the user’s mining income through strategies such as “combinable + leverage + reinvestment” under controllable risks.

Project Highlights
Reinvestment: The back-end intelligent robot automatically reinvests the user’s mining income, that is, converts the income into LP or principal for re-mortgage and liquidity mining, which will continue to expand the user’s income.
Leverage: Meet high-risk investment preferences and amplify user returns.
Income model: gradient adaptive interest rate model; deposit reserve mechanism; excess leveraged income sharing.
Multi-chain and multi-platform: One-click docking of new chains and platforms, standardized contract interfaces and front-end service frameworks.
DAO: Community autonomy, openness and transparency.

Functional Section
Single currency lossless mining
Single currency double investment mining
Liquidity leveraged reinvestment mining
SYI area
Board of Directors
Liquidation pool

User Revenue
Leveraged investors: docking with DEX, providing multiple leverage, automatic reinvestment of mining income
User benefits: platform currency reward + mining reinvestment income
Compound interest investors: dock single currency lending platform and DEX single currency mining function, user single currency deposit, platform automatic reinvestment
User income: Taiwan dollar reward + mining income
Single currency depositors: users make single currency deposits, obtain deposit certificates and mortgage them to the platform
User income: platform currency reward + deposit interest
Liquidator: Perform liquidation operations and receive liquidation rewards.

Relationship with MoonSwap
The leveraged reinvestment function of the Conflux version is docked with MoonSwap, that is, users form LPs on our platform, and then they will be mortgaged to MoonSwap. These currency pairs are all currency pairs in the MoonSwap farm, so they can get MOON mining income. At the same time, we will also reward users with SYI, which is equivalent to the same effect as users directly mortgage to MoonSwap. At the same time, we can also get our platform currency rewards, and we will automatically reinvest the users’ mining income.

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