【Application】Adding cWIT trading pair and liquidity to moonswap

Token: cWIT
Total circulation: 10,000,000,000
Support BSC-conflux collapse on shuttleflow
Add trading pair CFX, cUSDT
Project Name: Bit World
Project website:

An open sandbox game that embodies the idea of ​​the metaverse, and utilizes territory NFT, which can help various ecological projects to organize various competitions in the game, competition, social interaction, team, leisure, and adventure. Together, complete openness and unique territory mode are the core foundations of the Bit World sandbox game. In the game, players can explore our world by themselves, or they can settle down and build their own territories. At the same time, players can trade game items in the game.
The open and free world allows players to find their own position in the game. We create a free world, we will only supervise game cheating and keep the game fair. More space for players. Players can choose to be a robber, a businessman or a security policeman in the game. In addition, players can also have their own territory. We use the uniqueness of Lord NFT to help various ecological projects to hold various competitions in the game, competition, social, team, leisure, and adventure are organically combined. The complete openness and unique territory mode is Bitland Sand The core foundation of box games. You can make appointments with your teammates to discover new continents and develop together, or you can start a territorial war to destroy the opponent’s territory.
WIT coins are exchanged for the currency MC in the Bitworld game on the dapp. Game players can use MC in the game to purchase equipment, transactions, etc., which is the core circulating asset in the Bitworld. At the same time, MC also supports the exchange of WIT coins for transactions and withdrawals on the chain. And WIT is a deflationary currency, which will be continuously destroyed in the ecosystem of games and so on.
WIT distribution:
The current circulation of Conflux is 7200w
Community user incentives 50%
Team 20%
Ecological construction 30%