Adding Tinyversus NFTs to Moonswap

Tinyversus NFTs


Tinyversus is an innovative aggregated GameFi. Based on the original DGP protocol, it implements technologies such as additional attribute for any NFT, cross-chain participation, and cross-project attribute inheritance. For the first time, it effectively solves the limitations of NFT games such as the closeness and the multi-chain commonality, and provides a strong technical foundation for metaverse games. In the future, Tinyversus will launch a number of ecological game products based on the DGP protocol to empower various NFT projects, activate on-chain assets and enrich the community ecology.

Need 3 type NFTs.

Panda NFT
The most delightful player in the Tinyversus,The first interactive NFT and each Panda is unique. Pangda NFT is limited to 2000 units in Conflux)

Tiny Ticket NFT
Tiny open blind box contact

Tinyversus Fighter
Fighter in Tinyversus

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