Winners of MoonSwap MEME Contest Announced

Thank you very much for your active participation. This MoonSwap MEME contest is officially over. Some episodes occurred in the middle, but I still felt everyone’s enthusiasm.

In order to maximize the return to the community members who participated in the competition and ensure the fairness and justice of the rewards, we originally planned to issue S, A, B ConDragon NFT rewards to the top 3 voting results. Now, there are a total of 9 people participating in this competition, and we will also issue 9 rewards.

The numbers are:

S: 1
A: 4
B: 4

The community committee will decide who get the S and A.

However, it is also very difficult for the community committee to list the winners. If you have any objections to this list, you are welcome to raise them in the community.

S: @Itachi

Maybe we need to check out a Gif about the MoonSwap logo he made, it is of high quality. In addition, a MEME related to Christmas NFT he produced is also very impressive.



A: @nio @Caardaky @pepedelcast @Asif

B: @hellphy @lzh12 @senojp @crypticM

Please send your Conflux address private message to @Harvie , we will issue rewards as soon as possible.


Why not reopen the poll again?

We don’t want to take up too much energy from community members. Of course, if enough community members suggest a new vote, we will do so, and each voting account will be announced to ensure fairness.