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Welcome to Moonswap’s Forum. Moonswap is a decentralized Layer 2 AMM focused on providing a High Speed, Cross-Chain and ZERO GAS fee architecture solution to Ethereum users. This forum is a place for all Moonswap related discussions, especially governance and Moonswap Improvement Proposals, where users can directly contribute their unique ideas to the growth and development of the DAO. Please be sure to catch up on weekly updates and current MIPs to understand the context and current status!

Our Forum is comprised of categories and subsections. Categories are the general topic that will can be discussed with the subsections highlighting more focused areas. Please try to use the most relevant category/subcategory for your postings.

Categories Layout:

General Discussion: Discuss everything related to Moonswap and the ecosystem. All topics regarding Moonswap, Defi, Liquidity Strategies, and NFTs, are Welcomed

MoonSwap DAO Eco-Governance The DAO Eco-Governance will be a place where community members can post their ideas to improve Moonswap. Here community members can post their ideas with as much formulation as possible in preparation of the DAO to be fully operational. We will collect ideas to avoid them becoming buried in Discord/Telegram and discuss them as a community to eventually become a MIP. This will be the starting place for changes on Moonswap to occur.

Guides New to the Defi space? Don’t worry because the guides section is the perfect place to go when you need a “How To” for Moonswap. Here you will be able to find different guides on how to navigate our webpage, swap tokens, provide liquidity and more.

FAQ Frequently asked questions and general support can be found here. This is a good starting place to find the answers to some common problems. Under Construction

Subcategory Examples
Announcements: Weekly updates and milestones are gathered in this section. If you have been away for a while and need to get caught up on all the recent news, come check here!

NFT This subcategory is perfect to list all of your relevant NFT posts

MIP | Moonswap Improvement Proposals: Moonswap Improvement Proposals (MIPs), are the main form of governance in Moonswap. They are written proposals made by a team or community member that are made to signal or effect change to its governance or products. Anyone can make MIPs as long as they follow the template. Come here if you have a nice idea that you think would be worth the community to decide on or if you want to actively contribute discussing new products, frameworks, etc.
THIS IS NOT LIVE Currently under Construction

We’re happy that you have joined our community and welcome you to sharing your ideas and interacting with our diverse community!

-Moonswap Team

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