The second phase of MoonSwap CoHort Mining will start, with a total bonus of more than $50,000! !!

The second phase of CoHort Mining will be officially launched at UTC 11AM on April 29th. The event will last for 7 days.The theme of this CoHort Mining is “Conflux Eco Projects”, which is brought to the Conflux community by Conflux, MoonSwap, FLUX, INS3, and TREA. Participating in mining can get 5 tokens: CFX, cMOON, cFLUX, cITF, and TREA. The total prize pool is up to $50,000!

The pairs and rewards participating in this CoHort Mining are:

cMOON-CFX, rewards 1152 cMOON and 2000 CFX every day;

cFLUX-CFX,rewards 172 cMOON, 700 cFLUX and 300 CFX every day;

TREA-CFX,rewards 172 cMOON, 1000 TREA and 300 CFX every day;

cITF-CFX, rewards 115 cMOON, 50 cIFT and 300 CFX every day.

Activity time: UTC 11AM 04/29 ~ 11AM 05/06