The road to the rise of businessmen

Activity time

UTC 12PM, 06/12/2021 ~ UTC 12PM, 06/15/2021

Activity content

During the event, the player with the highest total value of buying or selling items in the dinosaur game market is called a wealthy merchant. The top ten merchant players will receive generous rewards (the total value of purchase + sale items is not less than 50CFX). Please do not miss!

TOP1: S-level rare materials * 1 (Mandrake) + 8000 runestones
TOP2: Grade A sophisticated materials * 2 (Magic Shadow Marshmallow) + 5000 Runestones
TOP3: Grade A fine material * 1 (hornworm specimen) + 3000 runestones
TOP4-10: Grade B material * 2 (Ice Crystal Medicine Bottle) + 2000 Runestones

Note: All rewards will be distributed within three working days after the event ends