The revenue distribution of HeroNFT

50% of ConHero’s total revenue will go to the NFT mining pool

After staking HeroNFT, the NFT mining pool will distribute rewards based on the staked NFT weight for every 120 Conflux blocks (the weight of Limited Edition is 1, and the weight of Hidden Edition is 30). Every 120 blocks, 4/100,000 of the total amount of the NFT mining pool will be distributed.

  1. If currently, all users stake 100 Limited Edition NFTs and 20 Hidden Edition NFTs, then The Total Weight is 100+600=700;
  2. If you stake 50 Limited Edition NFTs and 10 Hidden Edition NFTs, then Your Total Weight is 50+300=350;
  3. The reward you can get every 120 blocks = Your Total Weight / The Total Weight * (total mining pool rewards * 4/100,000)
  4. Higher weight can be obtained by unlocking the position (there is a default position at first)
    Weight 2:Lockup needed 150cMOON
    Weight 4:Lockup needed 285cMOON
    Weight 8:Lockup needed 510cMOON
    Weight 16:Lockup needed 960cMOON

It is important for players to note that if cmoon is pledged and it is unlocked within 7 days, 10% of the lock amount will be deducted (90% of which goes into the NFT pool and 10% is the income of the project party)

  1. After you get HeroNFT, you can click “stake” here to select the NFT to pledge and directly to confirm.

  2. Click “unlock position” to view the value of pledge cmoon and increase weight.

  3. Click “Harvest” to collect all the proceeds from your of NFT.

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