The Guide of MoonSwap NFT2.0 Community Auction

1. The auctioned NFT will be won by the highest bidder;

2. In the auction, the user cannot perform other operations on the NFT, and the auction can be manually cancelled before no one bids. Once someone bids, the auction cannot be cancelled.

3. The countdown for each auction is 24 hours, when the auction countdown is less than 1 hour, each bid will add 10 minutes to this auction, and the auction will be extended by up to 1 hour.

4. Every new bid needs to be 10% more than the previous one. The previous bidder will take 2% and the seller will take 8%.

5. The platform will charge 3% of the seller’s revenue in the auction as a service fee, of which 1.5% will be allocated to the ConDragon NFT mining pool.

6. After the auction ends, the seller needs to claim the profits by himself; after the unsuccessful auction, the seller needs to claim the NFT by himself.

Tips: After the bidder receives the NFT, the auction publisher automatically receives the profits.