The Guide of ConDragon Expedition

1. When your level meets the minimum requirements, your ConDragon NFT can participate in the expedition.

2. The number of dragons that can be expedition is related to the level of the hero

Level 5 hero: 1 Dragon
Level 6~10 hero: 2 Dragon
Level 11~16 hero: 3 Dragon
Level 17 or more hero: 4 Dragon

3. Different types of ConDragon NFT have different time of expedition, and the quality of the materials brought back are also different.

C-Level: Expedition for 8 hours (bring back runestones + probability to obtain 1-level Essence Fragment)

B: Expedition for 10 hours (bring back runestones + probability to obtain 1-level and 2-level spirit fragments)

A: Expedition for 12 hours (bring back runestones + probability to get 2-level and 3-level spirit fragments)

S: Expedition for 14 hours (bring back runes + probability to get 3, 4, 5 level spirit fragments + monster fragments)

SSS: 16-hour expedition (bring back runestones + probability of getting 5, 6, and 7 spirit fragments + monster fragments)

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