The 3rd Burn of $MOON —— 10,000 $MOON burned

In order to let $MOON develop in a healthier way, MoonSwap is about to execute the third-round burning. Prior to this, MoonSwap has successfully burned a total of 1,270,200 $MOON in two rounds.

The number of cMOON burned this time amounts to 10,000, coming from:

  1. 0.01% of MoonSwap transaction volume;

  2. 1% of MoonSwap NFT market transaction volume.

MoonSwap will continue to deflate $MOON. When the burning amount has accumulated to 20,000 cMOON, we will perform the fourth-round burning. At the same time, in order to better protect the interests of users who hold $MOON, we have adjusted the source of burning of $MOON for the fourth round, as follows:

  1. 1% of MoonSwap NFT market transaction volume;

  2. Part of the revenue of the MoonSwap ecosystem program;

  3. Part of the revenue from Kepler’s financial management protocol.

The 3rd-round burned was executed at UTC 11:40 AM, DEC 31, 2020, and the burned hash is: