Recruitment of community committee members

MoonSwap has been sparing no effort to promote the community governance of the ecosystem. We have already released the MoonSwap forum, which plays a significant role in MoonSwap’s community governance. So far, we have seen some proposals submitted by community members and we look forward to seeing more.

To better streamline the governance procedure, we decided to establish a community committee carrying out the following duties:

  • General forum management

  • Collect proposals submitted by users and conduct weekly assessments

  • Announce the assessment results to the community and initiate Stamper governance voting on a weekly basis

There are 4 open vacancies on the community committee (Including @Harvie ). So we are now recruiting 4 community members to grant Moderator access.

Please leave your application information below this post, including:

  • Your community (Discord or Telegram)

  • Your advantage for this job


I would like to apply for this job. i am very active in the community already and have been making videos and promoting moon and CFX. i am always on discord. I have a youtube channel up and running with the studio equipment. i would also actively remove bots through out the day. thank you-Gary A Martin

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This is Nick Ziegler.I am a professional community manager. I have worked for few projects as a community manager.I have 5 years experience in crypto sector. I am a trader also. I have knowledge about blockchain and marketing.

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I am Arfa Akther.I would like to apply for this position.

I am a Community Moderator, Trader and small investor.I have knowledge on blockchain . I have more than 4 years experience in crypto. I have also worked as a community manager in few good projects.

I have worked for Bitget Official India for 1 years and for Hustle APP Chat (India) for around 2 years.I am currently handling Moonswap Indian community and I am actively doing my duty.

Many Thanks
Arfa Akther

I’m Asif from Bangladesh!

I’m experienced in the field of CM or Moderator Group can work with your project if you need it.I can Provide support 7-12 hours per day.

Currently working in!
@Conflux_English (Telegram)

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Hello, from MoonGuard,

With all kind i’ll keep smashing scam link’s and keep an eye on a community that everything goes polite and easy.
Project is good, and this is just an early days , it is good to grow together.
MoonGuard, Lukas.

Discord and Telegram Username = musalawal04

I see myself meriting this job because i have been a member of several communities both on Telegram and Discord and I’ve seen the ingredients that ensures even build up of a community which is community member support and swift response to complaints, suggestions and or opinions… incorporating these Backbone in our community is my goal if given the opportunity.

@T-Wall Hello everyone, I have been an active member of Moonswap within a short span of inception, going through the rollercoaster ride of migration and being a source of information/assistance in our discord group when possible. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice and law with several specialization certifications within the legal, political, and media justice fields. I am also an active crypto trader and investor as most of us are. I believe I will be able to combine our experience with Moonswap with my background to provide us with an active and engaged committee. I have ideas for general forum management to prevent spam and to make voting matters clear, concise and timely. Thank you for the consideration!

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my discord is hatter. I am very passionate about Moonswap and CFX. i currently mine CFX and know python and C# programing for various projects. I enjoy talking about financials and making forecasts. I would be willing to work hard and help in anyway i can to benefit this project and any connected with it. Thank you for you’re time and consideration.


i would like to throw my vote in for hatter#4558 i have been pm’ing and watching Hatter and i believe him to be an asset to the community.


We will start the discussion as soon as possible and inform you of the result within 1 week. Thank you for your support!

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Hlw sir,
I am a expert community manager. I am a trader. I have a experience more than 2 year in crypto.I am a photo and video editor also. I work few project.My work only 8 hour but I active more than 8 hour. Few admin tip me for that.If you give me the job you will not get any complaint in my name.
My Telegram id - @Manager672

We will start the discussion as soon as possible and inform you of the result within 1 week. Thank you for your support!

Hallo i am Zadeed
I am a professional Markating manager, community manager, Advisor and 16 exchanges listing agent. I have worked for 15 Crypto project
. I have 4 years experience in crypto sector. I am Currently working with Findora, Lovechain and Cloud coin. And working as Listing agent in Catex and Cointiger exchange. I would like to work with moonswap as Global Ambassador or asian Ambassador to do Markating in asia and As the world’s largest population in asia so it must and best for every project to hit asian market to get a good response.
I know 5 language ( Bangla , English , Hindi , Urdhu, Nepali ) Speaking and written also.
I will be very happy if i can join moonswap and be a part of successful cryoto project and exchange.

Hello , I am feel happy to work with the moonswap , I have very good knowledge in marketing the projects , I also Handel’s or organized so many events , like quizzes, logo making contest, poster making , etc . Or I know 4 languages hindi , English , German , french , very well . I am very active time is 10:30 ist to 5:30 ist . Telegram username:- onetooka4

Thank you very much for joining MoonSwap. As the executive body of MoonSwap community governance, MoonSwap community committee will be more inclined to recruit community members who know enough about MoonSwap to join. At the same time, your talents in community growth and activity development are very impressive, and we believe you can better demonstrate your talents in this area. So we suggest you apply for MoonSwap community A mbassador .

The application information is as follows (just an example):

  1. Establish a new community (TG) for MoonSwap, reaching 1,000 people within two weeks;

  2. Maintain the activity of the new community and synchronize MoonSwap official news in the group;

  3. Guide new community users to join MoonSwap official community, 500 people within three weeks;

  4. After reaching the goal, collect 500cMOON as a reward

Of course, if you have other ideas beyond the establishment of a community, you are welcome to put forward them.

Thank you again for your support and look forward to receiving your proposal.

Hello, I am the leap of wechat community,

There is no natural strong, you have to accompany moonswap to become strong together.

I will continue to make my own efforts for the development of the community and achieve a better moonswap in the year of the ox in 2021.

To be a good manager, I need some ability and patience to integrate resources. I think I have.

Moon knight, leap.

We will start the discussion as soon as possible and inform you of the result within 1 week. Thank you for your support!

Hi my name is Wouter, WouterB on Telegram and Discord as well.

I have been in Crypto since 2016 and worked as an advisor for several projects and traveled the world, doing marketing and networking for these projects.

I’m a developer and have my own software business in Europe. I want to contribute to the MoonSwap project as much as possible using my knowledge and experience as a developer and marketer.

I’m working on a few things with @cryptopowers already and i think we can build a great team to help the MoonSwap to the next level.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Telegram or Discord.


We will start the discussion as soon as possible and inform you of the result within 1 week. Thank you for your support!

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