[Proposal] Delisting Points (POS)

Proposing to delist Points (POS) from MoonSwap.

MoonSwap community has voted on listing Points (POS) Stampers . Points (POS) is incentivising users to spam transaction in order to earn POS. Since the listing of Points (POS) the Conflux network is on a high pressure and “congested”. Default gas settings were leading to endless pending transactions. Although the default gas settings have been adapted to the current situation the current gas prices are always more expensive than the sponsored gas fees. This led to the situation that an user has to have CFX in the wallet to do any transaction. Without an existing CFX faucet it is a cumbersome experience for new users and makes onboarding much harder. With a delisting of Points (POS) a decrease of spam activity is quite likely since users/bots would not be incentived anymore to do such transactions. MoonSwap (and the whole Conflux network) would return to fully sponsored transactions.


  • Removes incentives to spam the network
  • After reduced spam activity gas free transactions through sponsorship should be possible again
  • Gas free transactions would be an USP for MoonSwap again
  • Easier onboarding for new users since no CFX would be required again


  • Points (POS) users would be upset and move to another DEX on Conflux (once another DEX is available; if they would accept the listing)
  • Although it is quite likely that the spamming activity would stop once the incentives are gone it is not 100% guaranteed

In the longrun MoonSwap should introduce more strict criteria to avoid such listings in first place.

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They should be delisted and they should provide a fountain for all the people who now have to have CFX just to get anything done.