Pre-Sale mining has ended,New Pool Plus!

The new mining pool will be officially launched at 12PM on January 8, 2021! ! !

Join ConDragon Genesis Auction and Get Dinosaur NFT Airdrop

We would like to express our gratitude to the ConGragon, MoonSwap, and Conflux communities. With our collective contribution, The pre-sale of ConDragon NFT blind box is officially over, the pre-sale is 24 days, total

The total sales reaches 970,000 cMOON;

The total staking volume peaked at 600,000 cMOON;

And the total reward pool reaches 485,000 cMOON.

Pre-Sale mining has ended!The new mining pool is officially launched。

The balance of the Genesis Mine Pool will all be migrated to PLUS POOL, and at the same time, you can immediately retrieve the cMOON staked from the unlocked position in the Genesis Pool without any loss.

New Pool Plus! Additional multiple benefits such as auctions and game transactions, come for the first mining

After the new mining pool is online, the weight of ConDragon NFT will also be adjusted as follows:

amount of stake required to unlock the position will also be adjusted as follows in the near future:


Genesis Auction will be officially launched on January 7, 2021

Round 1: 10am, Jan. 6, 2021, UTC

1 SSS-level Bird Dragon

Start Price: 600 cMOON
Final Price: 9517.86 cMOON

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