Open the Treasure Box to earn double benefits

1. Time: UTC 10AM 04/23/2021 ~ UTC 10AM 04/25/2021
2. Activity Rules
During the event, users who open the Treasure Box can get double benefits

  • Collect 8 types of NFT or any 7 types and MoonSwap Genesis NFT to open the Treasure Box and get CFX randomly, up to 148CFX;
  • The top 3 users who have opened Treasure Box during the event period will receive HeroNFT;
  • The user who opened the Treasure Box the most times during the event will be rewarded with the Hidden Edition HeroNFT (Musashi) (at least 3 treasure chests opened).

In order to ensure that more users can participate in the event, we will open the ConHero blind box. The Hidden Edition NFT has a higher probability to be got. The sales quantity and price are as follows:

Amount: 569
Price: 32cMOON, 47CFX, 28FC
The Probability of Hidden Edition NFT: 0.88%

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  1. If multiple users have opened the treasure box the same number of times, they will be arranged according to the opening time, and the user who opened it first will be rewarded.
  2. All rewards for the event will be issued within 2 working days after the event ends