Open box and win CFX

1.Genesis NFT can replace any one of the HeroNFT and can be used only once in “Opening box”. Meanwhile, Genesis NFT will only be verified but not burnt. After successful, Genesis NFT will not be reused.

2.Collect all 8 types of HeroNFT to get treasure boxes, and you can randomly get CFX rewards after opening them

3.Treasure box rewards are only available for the first 100 addresses that have collected 8 HeroNFTs and opened the treasure box


Click “add” to select the type of Hero NFT and light up the corresponding location


Click “buy” and you can also buy it through moonswap’s nft2.0 trading market if someone sells it


When you collect eight HeroNFT or use Genesis NFT to replace one of them, you can open the box. After opening the chest, you will get a random number of CFX, up to 148CFX (it’s about 177 usdt up to now)

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