New Year Carnival, Endless Giveaway!


New Year Carnival, Endless Giveaway

Come to share New Year NFT + 1280 CFX

1.Activity time

02/10/2021 ~ 02/17/2021


a.During the event, users who complete the NFT upgrade at ConDragon will receive rewards (only for A-Level and S-Level NFT)

Upgrade A-level NFT for 1 time: Reward B-level New Year NFT + 5 CFX (only the first 50 users)

Upgrade S-level NFT for 1 time: Reward A-level New Year NFT + 10 CFX (only the first 20 users)

Upgrade SSS-level NFT for 1 time: Reward S-level New Year NFT + 50 CFX (only the first 5 users)

b.The top 3 users with the most upgrades during the event will be rewarded (the minimum number of upgrades is not less than 2)

TOP1: A-Level New Year NFT + 350 CFX

TOP2: A-Level New Year NFT + 150 CFX

TOP3: A-Level New Year NFT + 80 CFX

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Tips: Rewards will be issued within 2-3 working days after the event ends