MoonSwap Weekly Report (Jan 4th to Jan 10th) |MoonSwap APP on iOS Releasing Soon & ConDragon Genesis Auction & New Member to Community Committee & More

To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week. Development wise, MoonSwap APP on iOS is under final development and will be released soon. Meanwhile, the NFT auction platform was launched on ConDragon this week. Two trading pairs, cNEST-cETH and FC-CFX, were officially listed on MoonSwap this week.

Ecosystem wise, ConDragon Genesis Auction was successfully launched along with ConDragon NFT airdrops. Meanwhile, Avaa Uusi Maailma (AUM) joined ADA, Asia DeFi Alliance initiated by MoonSwap, to enrich the DeFi ecosystem. Community wise, we welcomed a new member, hatter to the team. MoonSwap Community Committee is still open to the whole community for new members.

1. MoonSwap iOS APP in final development

We are glad to announce that MoonSwap iOS APP is now under the final stage of development and aims to be released by the end of this month. With MoonSwap’s iOS APP, Apple users will be able to enjoy a high-speed and 0-Gas trading experience at their fingertips.

2. ConDragon NFT auction platform launched

This week, ConDragon presented its NFT auction platform to the community and held three auctions for ConDragon SSS-level NFT.

3. $NEST officially listed on MoonSwap — Jan.6th

On January 6th], $NEST was officially listed on MoonSwap. In order to mark this milestone, we had an AMA with SKY from the NEST community on Telegram. Meanwhile, from Jan.6 to Jan. 9, users were able to get the limited version of co-branded NFT airdrops when providing liquidity to the pool (cNEST-cETH). Users also had the chance to share 50,000 $NEST when trading cNEST-cETH on MoonSwap.

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4. FC-CFX launched on MoonSwap — Jan.7th to 10th

FC-CFX trading pair was launched on MoonSwap on Jan. 7 and up until the 10th, a trading competition was conducted. During the competition period, the TOP 5 user with the highest transaction amount shared1,200 CFX.

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1. ConDragon SSS-level NFT Auction launched — Jan.7th

Within 20 days into the NFT blind box persale,

  • The total sales reaches 960,000 cMOON;
  • The total staking volume peaked at 600,000 cMOON;
  • And the total reward pool reaches 480,000 cMOON.

Given this achievement, SSS-level NFT auction was held to return real benefits to the community. According to our auction rules, the highest bidder won the auctioned ConDragon NFT. And here is the final result of the auction.

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2. Avaa Uusi Maailma joined ADA — Jan.6th

On January 6th, Avaa Uusi Maailma (AUM), the first landing project on #Heco, officially joined the Asia DeFi Alliance (ADA) initiated by MoonSwap to build the prosperity of the DeFi ecosystem. On January 8th, Devin, COO from AUM, had an AMA with MoonSwap community on Telegram in order to clearly introduce AUM and discuss further partnership.

Up till now, there are a total of 21 members in the Asia DeFi Alliance, including its initiator, MoonSwap.

1. New member to the Community Committee— Jan.5th

On Jan.5th, new member hatter officially became one of the members of MoonSwap Community Committee. hatter has great enthusiasm for the development of MoonSwap and is always willing to help community members. So he stands out from all the applications. The MoonSwap Community Committee is still open to the entire community. We look forward to working with like-minded people for better community governance.

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