MoonSwap Weekly Report (Jan 18th to Jan 24th) | Columbus-SDK & MoonSwap APP V1.12 & MoonSwap Desktop Optimized & More

To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week. Development wise, MoonSwap officially launched MoonGaming and Columbus-SDK, which are able to connect games with blockchain more closely. MoonSwap also launched its App V1.12 with “Transfer” and “Receive” optimization to better help users manage assets. In the meantime, the UI design of transfer page on MoonSwap website and MLP display was enhanced for greater user experience. In addition to that, MoonSwap iOS is expected to launch next week.

Ecosystem wise, MoonSwap officially launched Columbus-SDK and MoonGaming. ConDragon also released Community Auction to activate ConDragon NFTs circulation.

Community wise, Global Layer 2 Solution Provider Summit was successfully hosted by MoonSwap and Conflux. Major Layer 2 solution providers for discussing the low gas solutions in the Ethereum Bullrun. Meanwhile, MoonSwap Guardian Plan has been released, open for more applications.

1. MoonGaming & Columbus-SDK Were Officially Launched! — Jan.22

On January 22nd, MoonSwap officially launched MoonGaming and Columbus-SDK, which would more closely connect “games” and “blockchains”. MoonGaming and Columbus-SDK allow traditional game developers to introduce games to the blockchain world at a lower cost. ConDragon is the first game entering into the Columbus-SDK ecosystem and has been officially launched. As an important part of the MoonSwap ecosystem, MoonGaming will also introduce more excellent games through Columbus-SDK in the future.

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2. MoonSwap APP V1.12 Updates — Jan.21

On January 21st, MoonSwap launched its App V1.12 with “Transfer” and “Receive” optimization, having successfully fixed the problem of withdrawing accuracy. With this new APP, users can transfer either within Conflux or from Conflux to Ethereum. As a decentralized multi-chain wallet, we hope that MoonSwap APP can better help users manage their assets. MoonSwap APP is also an important tool for us to connect Layer 1 assets and Layer 2 assets. You can now freely circulate assets between Ethereum and Conflux. At the same time, we have also improved in-APP prompts to further reduce the user’s operational risks.

3. MoonSwap Desktop Optimized

MoonSwap have optimized the UI design of the Transfer and MLP pages on its official website. Now users are able to check the value of their MLP. In the future, MoonSwap will continue to provide users with greater trading experience.

4. MoonSwap iOS Launching Soon

MoonSwap IOS App is now in testing phase and is expected to be launched next week.

1. ConDragon Game Beta Launched with 1 Million cMoon Attracted— Jan.22

On January 22nd, ConDragon game Beta was officially launched as the first game entering into the Columbus-SDK ecosystem. Users can get access to the game through MoonGaming. The world’s first DeFi+NFT game+mining model has been recognized as one of ConDragon’s hottest games and attracted more than 1 million cMOON assets within one month.

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2. ConDragon Community Auction Released — Jan.22

On January 22nd, ConDragon Community Auction was officially launched. Participants in the auction were able to win 20 limited ConDragon NFTs if they bid with cMoon. The auctioned ConDragon NFT will be won by the highest bidder.

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##3. ConDragon Beta Giveaway Event — Jan. 22

ConDragon launched its Beta version this week and held a giveaway event in the community from Jan. 22 to 25. During the event, users whose hero ranks among TOP 50 are eligible to share 300,000 Runes. Meanwhile, first 200 users whose Combat Effectiveness reach 3000 will get a B-level NFT.

1. Global Layer 2 Solution Provider Summit — Jan.21

On January 21st, the Global Layer 2 Solution Provider Summit was successfully hosted by MoonSwap and Conflux. Major Layer 2 solution providers including OKExChain, Loopering, KlaySwap, Matic, MCDEX joined the Summit and shared their views on the current GAS fee issue, Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, and the upcoming Ethereum 2.0.

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2. cAMP-cETH Trading Contest — Jan.23

On January 23rd, cAMP-cETH Trading Contest officially ended. MoonSwap announced the winners of 3 activities of the Contest, including Provide Liquidity to share 80K cAMP, Lucky hash to share 30K cAMP, and Trade to share 30K cAMP. As of January 25th, MoonSwap has completed reward distribution to all winners.

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3. MoonSwap Guardian Plan — Jan.21

On January 21st, MoonSwap announced the MoonSwap Guardian Plan to the community. MoonSwap Guardian Plan aimed at helping the community grow smoothly with the help of different guardians selected. The community set various standards for MoonSwap guardians from several perspectives. Meanwhile, MoonSwap has also provided guardians with different ranks. If you want to become a MoonSwap guardian, please leave your application in the comment below.

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