MoonSwap Weekly Report (Jan 11th to Jan 17th) | MoonSwap Website V2.0 & AMP-ETH Liquidity Mining Program Listed & ConDragon Minting System

To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week. Development wise, MoonSwap launched its V2.0 Website for a greater user experience. AMP-ETH was listed on MoonSwap and cAMP-cETH mining pool is open. In the meantime, ConDragon Minting System was launched in order to make ConDragon NFT once again have a large-scale deflation. Ecosystem wise, Moneyswap joined Asia DeFi Alliance, a collaborative organization initiated by MoonSwap. Columbus-SDK is coming soon to attract various gaming applications flood into the MoonSwap ecosystem.

Community wise, ConDragon held two campaigns to celebrate the launch of the NFT minting function. AMP Trading Contest was also held to encourage users to trade cAMP-cETH. Meanwhile, Bug Bounty program was released so as to better detect bugs in our new website.

1. MoonSwap Website V2.0 Launched — Jan.15

2. AMP-ETH Listed on MoonSwap — Jan.13

On January 13th, AMP-ETH trading pair was listed on MoonSwap. Since January 14th, MoonSwap opened the cAMP-cETH mining pool. Users providing liquidity for the cAMP-cETH pool will not only earn transaction fees, but also ongoing $MOON utility tokens.

Amp is a collateral token used on the Flexa network. The token is staked by the community in the Flexa Capacity contract to wallet projects in order to secure digital payments at merchants. Flexa is ranked #18 on DeFi Pulse with $140M locked, and #1, with 90% dominance in Payments.

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3. ConDragon NFT Minting System Launched — Jan.14

On January 14th, ConDragon NFT Minting function was officially launched. As a result, ConDragon NFT once again had a large-scale deflation.5 S-level ConDragon NFTs and 10 A-level ConDragon NFTs were taken out to encourage players to participate in the minting.

1. MoneySwap Joined ADA — Jan.15

On January 15, Korea’s leading DeFi project MoneySwap officially joined the Asia DeFi Alliance (ADA), a collaborative organization initiated by MoonSwap. Going forward, MoneySwap and MoonSwap will work hard to jointly build a prosperous DeFi ecosystem. MoneySwap is a DeFi project under the South Korean AnimalGo team.

Up until now, there are a total of 20 members in the Aisa DeFi Alliance.

2. Columbus-SDK is Coming Soon

MoonGaming will release Columbus-SDK to support the cross-chain migration of games, and connect more games to the MoonSwap ecosystem.

1. ConDragon NFT Minting Campaigns — Jan.13

In order to encourage users to actively participate in minting ConDragon NFT, MoonSwap community has been holding two campaigns. From January 13 to February 14th, Network-wide Furnace Activities has been going to encourage people who failed minting with S-level ConDragon NFT as rewards. From January 14th to 20th, Minting Activity has been going for rewarding players who successfully NFT three times with one A-level ConDragon NFT. First come first served.

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2. cAMP-cETH Trading Contest Held — Jan.14 to 17

From January 14th to 17th, a cAMP-cETH Trading Contest was held by MoonSwap and AMP to celebrate the launch of cAMP-cETH on MoonSwap and the first mining. 140000 cAMP tokens with a current value of more than $1100 were shared through 3 activities:Provide Liquidity to share 80K cAMP, Lucky hash to share 30K cAMP, and Trade to share 30K cAMP.

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3. BUG Bounty Program Released — Jan.15

MoonSwap BUG Bounty program was released on January 15th. Users can submit the bugs they found about the new website V2.0 to Or you can leave your report on the forum. All bug discoverers will be rewarded with 10 to 50 cMOON each after confirmation and assessment by the MoonSwap team.

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