MoonSwap Weekly Report (Dec 28th to Jan 3rd) | 10,000 $MOON Burnt & ConDragon NFT Upgrade System & New Year Surprise Gifts

To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. First of all, happy new year! We wish you all the best the year ahead. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week. Development wise, MoonGaming SDK development complete, and MoonSwap NFT auction system in test. Ecosystem wise, together with Conflux and ConDragon, MoonSwap held co-branded NFT airdrops to enrich the Conflux ecosystem and launched the NFT upgrade system.

In the Meantime, users can upgrade or deflate ConDragon NFT in the new system. ConDragon also held new year celebration events to greet users by sending lots of giveaways.

1. MoonGaming SDK development complete

MoonGaming SDK, a tool that helps accecelate the game and reduce the cost to integrate with the MoonSwap ecosystem, has been completed. ConDragon will be the first game that adopts MoonGaming SDK.

2. MoonSwap NFT auction system in test

MoonSwap NFT market will release NFT auction function soon. It will allow users to sell their NFT in auctions.

1. ConDragon NFT upgrade system launched — Dec.29th to 31st

ConDragon NFT upgrade system and deflation went online at UTC 10AM, Dec. 29th. With the NFT upgrade system, users are able to up-level their NFT. During Dec. 29 to 31, ConDragon also held a giveaway campaign and gifted upgrade system users with 10 S-level ConDragon NFTs.

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2. Surprise gifts from ConDragon — Jan.1st to 3rd

On January 1st to 3rd, ConDragon held a series of activities to welcome 2021. The S-level ConDragon NFT was rewarded to the buyers with the most purchases and the A-level ConDragon NFT was rewarded to the biggest buyer of each hour during a time-limited offering event. Meanwhile, limited customization of ConDragon NFT and new year airdrop were also successfully performed.

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1. Co-Branded NFT launched to enrich Conflux ecosystem — Dec.31st to Jan 3rd

From Dec.31st to Jan 3rd, users got the co-branded NFTs airdrop issued by MoonSwap & Conflux & ConDragon. Eligible users are those who had a cumulative transaction amount of US$ 300 during the event on MoonSwap (trading pairs are limited to CFX-cMOON, FC-cMOON). Meanwhile, the top 5 users with at least 5,000USDT transaction volumes shared 1,500 CFX.

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2. MIP#1 took effect on Dec. 28

The MIP#1 proposal was passed on December 26, 2020, and have taken effect at UTC 12PM on December 28, 2020. MoonSwap fee are now distributed in the following way:

The total transaction fee is 0.3% of the transaction volume, of which 0.25% is ditributed to LP gets and 0.05% is used to purchase cMOON back from MoonSwap and then allocated to the Staking Vault.

Staking vault represents the interests of all users who hold $MOON. It redistributes the value created by MoonSwap to users who hold $MOON. In the future, MoonSwap will continue to create new business scenarios to empower $MOON.

3.MoonSwap executed the 3rd-round token burn — Dec.31st

On December 31st, MoonSwap burned 10,000 $MOON for the 3rd round of token burn. The burned 10,000 $Moon came from 0.01% of MoonSwap transaction volume and 1% of MoonSwap NFT market transaction volume. In the future, the 4th round burn of $Moon will be operated in order to let $MOON develop in a healthier way. Meanwhile, when the cumulative burnt amount of MOON reaches 20,000, we will conduct the fourth round burn.

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4. Two new members to the MoonSwap Governance Committee

We have been receiving a good number of applications from our community consistently since the announcement of the Governance Committee establishment. This week, we are glad to welcome two new members to the committee family. By now, MoonSwap is excited to announce that the governance committee has five members on-board and is ready to carry out the following duties:

  1. General forum management
  2. Collect proposals submitted by users and conduct weekly assessments
  3. Announce the assessment results to the community

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