MoonSwap Weekly Report (August 23rd ~ August 29th)

MoonSwap community members:

Hello everyone! Thanks to the cooperation of our entire community, MoonSwap also made some important progress this week.:Pledge MoonCake2.0 tutorial released。

In terms of technology & products, MoonCake1.0 cancels the consensus cycle; MoonSwap DappStore multi-chain Dapp list update and optimization.

In terms of ecology, MoonSwap promotion ambassador rewards were increased; MoonSwap APP Bountty mission ended.

In terms of the community, MoonSwap completed the 10th token burn.

1.MoonCake1.0 cancels the consensus cycle

Through the efforts of the MoonSwap tech team, MoonCake 1.0 will directly cancel the 7-day consensus period at UTC 11AM on August 28, 2021, and users can withdraw at any time without loss.

MoonSwap APP: MoonSwap
More Info: MoonSwap

2.MoonSwap DappStore multi-chain Dapp list update optimization.

MoonSwap DappStore multi-chain Dapp list is iteratively updated and optimized.

More information:

3. Pledge MoonCake2.0 tutorial released

In MoonCake 2.0, every time a user converts xMOON back to cMOON, it will enter the consensus cycle. When the consensus period is over, users can immediately receive the pledged cMOON and the income distributed by the staking treasury. During the consensus cycle, if the user wants to receive it immediately, it will be deducted (10% of the pledged cMOON and staking treasury income) of which 5% will be returned to the staking treasury to reward community consensus members who continue to hold xMOON, and 5% will be destroyed

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1.MoonSwap promotion ambassador activity

Contact MoonSwap official Tlegram: feitianxiaonanjing

Become a MoonSwap promotion ambassador, receive an exclusive invitation poster, invite new users to download MoonSwap APP and get rewards

(Activity rewards include promotion ambassador basic task rewards and leaderboard rewards)

Promotion ambassador weekly basic task reward:

Invite 50 people to download MoonSwap APP, reward 100$cMOON

(2) Leaderboard rewards (additional rewards):

TOP1: 300$cMOON (minimum invitation 200 people)

TOP2: 200$cMOON (minimum invitation 150 people)

TOP3: 150$cMOON (minimum invitation of 100 people)


We will judge whether there is cheating based on the number of APP downloads and installations per week

  1. The results will be announced on the MoonSwap forum every Monday, and event rewards will be distributed within three tasks

  2. If you don’t complete the basic tasks this week, you will not get rewards


MoonSwap APP Bounty mission is over, the reward list is announced

This event has been settled, and the list of awards for this event has been announced:

Congratulations to the friends on the list. Don’t be discouraged if you are not on the list. Take an active part in the next activities and get rich rewards.

Note: Event rewards will be issued within three working days

MoonSwap has completed 10 BURNs

MoonSwap has completed 10 BURNs, totaling 1,370,200 $MOON, accounting for 5.09% of the current CIRCULATING SUPPLY.

More information: