MoonSwap IOS APP community beta is about to start! Sign up for the first test!


Thank you for your continued support, MoonSwap IOS APP will be released soon. As a decentralized multi-chain wallet, MoonSwap APP supports the management of multi-chain assets and is dedicated to bringing users a better trading experience.

At the same time, we will invite some community users to participate in the community beta test before the official launch of the IOS APP and launch the Bug Bounty. For each bug, the reporter will get 10–50 cMOON tokens rewards after confirmed by the team.

How to participate in the closed beta?

Please contact Harvie#8827 on Discord or @MoonSwap on Wechat Group. After confirming your participation, you will be invited to join the Beta test group, receive the test code and install the APP for testing.

BUG report submission address: