MoonSwap forms the Developer Community, MoonEcoDAO invests 800,000 $MOON for developer incentives

Some people will say, “Blockchain is a game of geeks.” Regardless of whether this sentence is accurate or not, developers are the most active force in the blockchain field. In order to allow developers to play a more important role in the MoonSwap community, MoonSwap will form the Developer Community. MoonEcoDAO (MED) will set up a Community DEV POOL with 40% MOON (a total of 800K MOON) as a developer incentive.

The healthy operation of MED is also important to us. DEV POOL funds will be circulated in the following ways:

  1. Alice applies for the project or claims project P, and submits an application to the MoonSwap Tech Committee;

  2. Tech Committee review and approve project P;

  3. Alice develops and completes project P, the Tech Committee will check and accept the project in stages, and MED will pay;

  4. MoonSwap will provide community, market and technical support for Alice;

  5. Among the profits of project P, A% is allocated to Alice, B% is allocated to MED, and C% is allocated to MoonSwap. The values of A, B, and C will be determined by community voting.

In this way, MED also has the ability to grow.

The following are our recommended development directions:

1. Aggregate Trading tools
Trading is the most important business of MoonSwap, which is an important way to help MoonSwap gain more liquidity. By comparison, MoonSwap’s advantages will also show: 0GAS.

2. NFT Games/Artwork
NFT is of course also a kind of asset. We will have an NFT issuance tool, and we will also have an NFT market to trade NFTs in a new way. As the first NFT game in the MoonSwap ecosystem, ConDragon has sales of over 1 million cMOON, and the game has been officially launched. We welcome more NFT assets to join the MoonSwap ecosystem.

3. Any business that requires high frequency transactions
Conflux makes “high-speed, 0GAS” on-chain transactions possible. If you have a great idea but are troubled by the “high-frequency trading” that Ethereum cannot meet your business needs, welcome to join the MoonSwap ecosystem.

If you are interested in this, you are welcome to leave your own information, including:


Your area of expertise;


Work experience.

You can post on the MoonSwap forum, or directly send a private message to Harvie#8827 on Discord.

Welcome to join MoonSwap.