MoonSwap & ConDragon bring new year gifts, New Year NFT + 300 USDT

1.Activity time

02/08/2021 ~ 02/14/2021


a.During the event, trade cAMP-cETH, cUSDT-CFX, cETH-cUSDT on MoonSwap, and the top 3 users with the total trading volume will be rewarded;

TOP1: A-Level New Year ConDragon NFT + 80 USDT

TOP2: B-Level New Year ConDragon NFT + 50 USDT

TOP3: B-Level New Year ConDragon NFT + 30 USDT

b.During the event, users whose trading volume reaches 200$ can get a C-level New Year ConDragon NFT + 2USDT, limited to the first 70 users.


Tips: Rewards will be issued within 1-3 working days after the event ends

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Give me this event plzm . . .