MoonSwap Community Voting: New Token Pairs List

MoonSwap has always been committed to helping Conflux introduce high-quality assets and liquidity. In order to protect the asset security of community users, we will gradually open the function of LIST in MoonSwap to the community. At this stage, we will list new token pairs through community voting.

In the following token pairs, when the number of votes reaches 200 MOONPOWAH, the token pair can be listed on MoonSwap.

ANT-CFX: ANT is the points on the Conflux. It is issued 100 billion at a time. Every transaction on Conflux will cast a new ANT.

More Info: 【申请】允许AntPoints在moonswap添加流动性

cSHIB-cETH: SHIB is one of the most popular tokens on Ethereum recently

More Info: $0.00 | SHIBA INU (SHIB) Token Tracker | Etherscan

cMOON-cUSDT: Both cMOON and cUSDT are important assets on Conflux, and cMOON-cUSDT will become an important “bridge trading pair” on MoonSwap. We believe this will improve MoonSwap’s trading experience.

Deadline for voting:UTC 13PM, May 14th

Voting link: Stampers

MOONPOWAH calculation method: How to Participate in Community Governance on MoonSwap? - MoonSwap

If you want to see other token pairs on MoonSwap, you can also post information on the forum, and we will initiate another community vote in the future.