MoonSwap Community Committee: New member hatter

As the executive body of MoonSwap community governance, the MoonSwap Community Committee will continue to recruit outstanding community members. @th3madhatt3r submitted his application on the MoonSwap forum a week ago. He is also one of the most active users in the MoonSwap community in the past two weeks.

After discussion within the community committee, Hatter will officially join the MoonSwap community committee. The following are our comments on him:

Hatter left us with a deep impression on his active performance in the community, especially his enthusiasm for MoonSwap. He also helped many MoonSwap users to deal with some problems. We believe that his participation will enable the MoonSwap Community Committee to better perform its duties of community governance.

The MoonSwap community committee is open to the entire community. We also hope that members who join the community committee can have a sufficient understanding of MoonSwap’s business and development. The application conditions are as follows:

:one: you should have been in the MoonSwap community for at least 1 month;

:two: you are at least level 5 on Discord(will be adjusted over time);

:three: you are active in the MoonSwap community for at least one week;

:four: you have made at least one piece of contribution to MoonSwap community development (developer, community growth, videos/articles production, etc.);

:five: members with outstanding contributions to the MoonSwap community have extra scores.

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I look forward to working together with the MoonSwap community committee. Thank you


hatter is awesome! great addition to the team :slight_smile:

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