MoonSwap “Assets Introduction Plan” Launched!

In the past period of time, we have introduced high-quality assets such as $DPI, $AMP, etc., to help more community users enjoy the high-speed and 0GAS trading experience. Up to now, we have helped blockchain users save more than $13 million on GAS. Now, we officially launched the “Assets Introduction Plan” to help more high-quality assets go online on MoonSwap.

“Assets Introduction Agent” will help high-quality assets to be listed by MoonSwap, and increase liquidity and trading volume through various activities. New assets that meet the following conditions will be particularly welcome:

:one:The number of holding addresses exceeds 5000;

:two:The CIRCULATING SUPPLY MARKET CAP exceeds $100 million;

:three:The community has more than 10,000 people (Twitter or Discord or Telegram)

A successful asset introduction needs to meet the following conditions:

:one:The project team needs to provide at least $500,000 in initial liquidity on MoonSwap and last for at least one week;

:two:The project team needs to provide at least $1000 as a reward for the trading contest.

At the same time, MoonSwap will provide:

:one:High-speed and 0GAS trading experience;

:two:MoonSwap community AMA;

:three:MoonSwap trading contest.

After the asset introduction is successful, the “Assets Introduction Agent” will receive a reward of 500~1000 MOON.

If you start your work, please contact Harvie#8827 on Discord and we will provide necessary help.