MoonGaming & Columbus-SDK & ConDragon Game are Officially Launched!

Five hundred years ago, Columbus discovered the New World after 70-day exploration, ushering in an era of vigorous geographical discovery; now, MoonSwap officially launches MoonGaming and Columbus-SDK, which will more closely connects “games” and “blockchains”.

When the concept of “DApp” emerged in 2017, “games” were considered one of the best scenarios for blockchain applications. With the increasing popularity of DeFi, “DeFi+NFT” has gradually become a trend. In order to allow traditional game developers to introduce games to the blockchain world at a lower cost, MoonGaming and Columbus-SDK came into being.

Cross-chain migration, game props NFT issuance, transaction and auction with only one click

Columbus-SDK allows games to easily be connected to the blockchain. It opens up payment channels, helps games support and issue NFT. Meanwhile, it also supports NFT blind box, transaction, auction, synthesis and other scenarios.

MoonSwap APP provides entry-level support

MoonSwap APP will comprehensively support MoonSwap ecosystem, with a built-in blockchain browser, one-click direct access to games in MoonSwap ecosystem; MoonSwap APP also has a built-in multi-chain wallet, and multi-chain assets can communicate freely. The self-developed decentralized wallet provides a perfect payment experience.

DeFi + NFT game + mining model innovation

The world’s first DeFi+NFT game+mining model has been verified by ConDragon’s hot games and attracted more than 1 million cMOON assets within one month.

Game and the $MOON ecosystem mutually empower each other with comprehensive access to the MoonSwap community ecosystem.

Community support is provided by the MoonSwap ecosystem. Games and the $MOON ecosystem will mutually empower each other and jointly contribute to ecological prosperity.

ConDragon is the first game entering into the Columbus-SDK ecosystem and is officially launched. As an important part of MoonSwap ecosystem, MoonGaming will also introduce more excellent games through Columbus-SDK.

Link: MoonGaming


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By the way: It’s currently recommended to use PC + Chrome

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