MOON Token Optimization Roadmap Community Voting Closed

MoonSwap fulfills its original commitment to the community. As a decentralized transaction protocol, it has turned to community governance in an all-round way. MoonSwap will also continue to play a role in the MoonSwap ecosystem as a community governance certificate. We will also fully optimize Moon Token, including more deflation, the upgrade of Moon ECO DAO, and the re-empowerment of Genesis NFT and Consensus NFT, which we believe will make Moon better serve MoonSwap community governance.

The results of the vote were:

“YES” is: 7260 MOONPOWAH
“NO” is: 6780 MOONPOWAH

The total number of votes participating in the voting has exceeded 3000MOONPOWAH, and the voting result is valid. MoonSwap for Token Deflation Optimization

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