MoonSwap has been running stably for nearly 2 years, and it has been in the global community governance for some time. We have established a Global Community Committee and Tech Committee. Now, 5 community committee members and 2 technical committee members are involved in MoonSwap community governance and product development.

MoonSwap community construction is inseparable from the joint efforts of community members, MOON ECO DAO will be optimized and upgraded, and MoonSwap DEV Team will fully support the development of MOON ECO DAO, and will invest part of the incentives obtained by the DEV Team into ECO DAO for community development. The specific adjustments are as follows:

When the ETH block reaches 14,500,000, the distribution of MOON TOKEN will be stopped, including that the MoonSwap DEV Fund address will no longer receive new Token distribution. At that time, the DEV Fund address will hold 3,388,699 MOON, among them:

40% (1,355,479.6 MOON) will enter the DAO, of which 20% will be used for global governance community and community development support, and 20% will be used for ecological support construction; 20% (677,739.8 MOON) will be burned; The rest will be locked for 3 years.

This time a total of 677,739.8 MOON was destroyed,accounting for of 1.67% of the current circulating supply the current Circulating supply.

MOON ECO Address: cfx:aakn5byjpgk3yfese0uzxwmpjmmh0fjjg2y9xybcp8

Ethereum Dead Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Burn the hash:

Locked Address: 0x172e843E6FD6a0dBADA4896A0C80EC774aF5230F

MoonSwap APP: MoonSwap