Looking for the “Master of Casting”

Looking for the “Master of Casting”, Come and Share Limited NFT + Advanced Materials

1.Activity time
UTC 02/06/2021 10AM ~ 02/09/2021 10AM

Participate in Minting during the event to receive NFT+ advanced materials;
a.Minting success
For every 2 successful Minting, one A-level ConDragon NFT (random) + A-level rare material (Ruby) will be won;
b.Minting failure
If the minting fails during the event, rewards will be distributed based on the transaction hash. As long as the last digit of the transaction hash is one of the 26 English letters, you can get 1 S-level ConDragon NFT (random)

Join us: ConDragon.com
Tips: Rewards will be issued within 1-3 working days after the event ends

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