Introduction to ConDragon NFT Mining

Source of the mining pool: 60% of the proceeds from the blind boxsale, 50% of the auction proceeds of the project team, and 50% of the in-game consumption

The data here is the total number of ConDragon NFTs staked by the all users and the total number of NFTs staked by individuals.

You can get cMOON dividend every 120 blocks (Conflux block height), and you can click to claim the reward at any time.

Click to stake in the default location, and select the ConDragon NFT you want to stake in the “My ConDragon NFT” window.

Click to unlock the position, select the lock weight, you can get a ConDragonNFT stake position.

Click to release the position and confirm, you can redeem your locked Token.

Click to release your ConDragonNFT for other operations.

Note: The higher the weight of the lock position, the higher the mining weight; the higher the rarity of ConDragon NFT, the higher the mining power; the higher the ConDragon NFT level, the higher the mining speed.
The reward you can get every 120 blocks = Your Total Weight / The Total Weight * (total mining pool rewards * 2/100,000)

Link: ConDragon - The first DeFi+NFT+RPG game on Conflux