How to Participate in Community Governance on MoonSwap?

First, please go to Stampers.

Here you can see all the community proposals for MoonSwap, you can check the information of a certain proposal by clicking on it.

To ensure the fairness of the community governance results of MoonSwap, we will upgrade our voting calculation in MoonSwap governance. The votes one holds is counted in MOONPOWAH with the detailed method as following:

cMOON in a Conflux address (V1) : 1cMOON = 1

Withdrawable cMOON in MoonCake ( V2) : 1cMOON = 1.5

cMOON in cMOON-cETH ( V3) : 1cMOON = 2

The relation between MOONPOWAH one holds and V1, V2, and V3 can be demonstrated as:


The square of MOONPOWAH equals the sum of V1, V2, and V3.

When the number of votes for the proposal reaches 700 MOONPOWAH, the voting result is considered valid.

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