HeroNFT Blind BOX Stage 5 is coming, join the event to earn limited NFT

ConHero will open the HeroNFT Blind BOX Stage 5 at UTC 10AM, 04/13/2021. Heroes are welcome to participate actively (the mining pool has accumulated more than 39,000 cMOON).

Blind BOX Amount: 698
Price: 28cMOON、25FC、47CFX
Hidden Edition Bonus Rate: 0.72%

Time: UTC 10AM, 04/13/2021 ~ 10AM, 04/15/2021

Super Lucky Star

In Stage 5, HeroNFT will have a special ID (4666). The user who draws ID#4666 will become a super lucky star and can get a Hidden Edition NFT (weight 30).

Commission Rankings

In Stage 5 and 6, The hero who gets the most commissions at each stage will receive HeroNFT rewards.

The Most Powerful Hero

In Stage 5 and 6, the top 3 heroes who purchase the most blind boxes in the two phases will receive HeroNFT rewards.

All rewards will be issued in about 2 working days, thank you for your support to ConHero. Good Luck.

View Details: https://conhero.io/?section=buy