HeroNFT Blind BOX Stage 3 is Coming, join the event to earn Limited NFT

ConHero will start the pre-sale of HeroNFT Blind BOX Stage 3 at UTC 10AM, 04/11/2021.

Blind BOX Amount: 736

Price: 28cMOON, 25FC, 47CFX

Hidden Edition Probability: 0.95%

Time: UTC 10AM, 04/11/2021 ~ 04/13/2021

During the event, the 3 users who purchase the most Hero blind boxes will receive Limited Edition HeroNFT rewards.

The3rd and 4th stages are calculated separately, and the top 3 with the most purchases in each stage can receive NFT rewards.

The reward will be issued in about 2 working days. Thank you for your support to ConHero. Good Luck!