ConHero Journey-3 Blind Box Welfare Strikes

Conhero will officially open the blind box activity at UTC 11AM April 28

  1. The ConHero blind box is officially launched. Players can buy boxes with CFX, FC and cMOON.
    The blind box is sold in three stages, and the hidden version has the highest probability in the first stage. The Price, Quantity, and Bonus rate of each period are as follows:

Hero Journey 3
Activity:UTC 11AM Apr 28 - UTC 11AM Apr 29
Limited to:598

Hero Journey 4
Activity:UTC 11AM Apr 29 - UTC 11AM Apr 30
Limited to:509

Hero Journey 5
Activity:UTC 11AM Apr 30 - UTC 11AM May 1
Limited to:462
Price:45cMOON 、30FC 、49CFX

2.Click invite, copy the link to friends, invite friends to participate in blind box activities, and you will get 5% commission back of friends’ total consumption amount.
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