ConHero Heroes Journey

The ConHero blind box is officially launched. Players can buy boxes with CFX, FC and cMOON.
The sales quantity and price are as follows:
Hero Journey 5
Activity:UTC 11AM Apr 30 - UTC 11AM May 1
Limited to:462
Price:45cMOON 、30FC 、49CFX
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Click invite, copy the link to friends, invite friends to participate in blind box activities, and you will get 5% commission back of friends’ total consumption amount.

Introduction to ConHeroNFT
1. The issuance of HeroNFT
Total distribution of HeroNFT: 8480
Among them, 7 types of Limited Edition HeroNFT are issued with 1200 each, 1 type of Hidden Edition HeroNFT(Musashi) is issued with 80, and Hidden Edition NFT(Musashi) accounts for 0.94%.

The game will unlock a hero for you by default (Not NFT);
After equipping different NFTs, the EXP obtained for each “kill” is:
Default: 1
Bunny Girl: 1.1(+10%)
Barbarian Chief: 1.1(+10%)
Scarlet Witch: 1.1(+10%)
Deadly Mecha: 1.1(+10%)
Master Panda: 1.1(+10%)
Flame Lord: 1.1(+10%)
Rock Boy: 1.1(+10%)
Musashi: 1.5(+50%)

3.Treasure chest
Collect 8 types of NFT or any 7 types and MoonSwap Genesis NFT to open the Treasure Box and get CFX randomly, up to 148CFX

After you get HeroNFT, you can click “stake” here to select the NFT to pledge and directly to confirm.

Discord: League of Heroes