Conflux “Shuttle-In” and “Shuttle-Out” Fee Introduction

Due to the ShuttleFlow protocol update, Conflux will no longer act as a token service provider for tokens with CIRCULATING SUPPLY MARKET CAP less than $1 billion. The following assets will not be affected:


The specific consumption of GAS FEE is set by the ShuttleFlow token service provider. If you enter Conflux for the first time, you will be charged an additional fee for creating an address, so please ensure that your assets are sufficient when you deposit and withdraw tokens. Click to view fee details.

When the fee balance provided by the token service provider is less than 0.5 cETH (Click the check the balance), the tokens you transferred to Conflux may not be received. At this point you can take the following 2 solutions:

  1. After exchanging tokens into which supported by Conflux ShuttleFlow, such as USDT, ETH…then deposit again.
  1. Go to ShuttleFlow page and become token service provider (Clike to learn more about Token Service Provider), at the same time you can earn Fees.