Condragon: The auction debits the money, but there is no product

Hello! The essence of the problem is that when you buy something at an auction, the money disappears, but the purchased product is not in the inventory.

sunflower 0.003 cfx- 0x91086da42673fbc540a47fc1568003d4f6e7443ba54a5f59c124bf0b24ffc48e

rune level 2 “B” 0.001 cfx- 0x0dc1a9a5db264631bf7016dfb2eaa93c81991e23301e79bc6225a820e78fcf96

topaz shard 0.07cfx Transaction-2, Topaz 1 received - 0x62b20cb2778d6237dc54e52d7e35192f89f9c74c2cc346d5f129291bd8cd3b6f , 0xe843ba3be79a1c47049b526a585881e032270e43a018aaad2b74dced18a3e50f

lava bottle 0.1 cfx- 0xd4c8ee22a2ff61b7602669d5334f0c5791cf600dd686d45b0298d0be9a269d36

2 more subjects were not received but transactions The code did not remember (0.005 cfx and 0.001 (0.0011) cfx)

I got it, let me check

What exactly

the picture wasimage Sorry, I don’t remember “B” “C” , level 2


I bought “topaz shard” for 0.1. Topaz didn’t arrive at the warehouse! 0xc3776c53331adf7eceb6d7dadbb86e912bea4298619b59a6bec416962d516ca5

Ok i got it

Hello! I paid for the transaction and there was a break with the server. The item did not arrive. image 0xf1f0b6680130bfda5ce1f6e059fe87e3d9ec87f9c7eec49523e1d53ae9919c81

2 products about which I wrote above did not come, probably a server update glitch.

Thank you!

I will click like if someone says the forum is alive.

Good day! paid for the goods. the item is not in the bag.


made a purchase today, CFX was debited and the item did not appear in inventory


Hello! made a purchase today, CFX was debited and the item did not appear in inventory