ConDragon starts the second stage of the “God of War List”, come to share massive amounts of cMOON

ConDragon will start the blind box welfare activities and the second stage of the “God of War List”
Expedition New Era Phase IV
Time: UTC 10AM, 05/01/2021
Price: 42cmoon\30FC\47CFX
50% of the proceeds of the blind box will go to the mining pool, and 10% will be airdropped to the top 30 addresses in Ranking List.

Time: UTC 10AM, 05/01/2021 ~ UTC 10AM, 05/06/2021


Blind Box Reward

During the event, the top 10 addresses with the number of blind box purchases will be rewarded.

TOP1:S-Level NFT+S-Level Material + 5000 Stones

TOP2:A-Level NFT*2+A-Level Material * 2 + 3000 Stones

TOP3:A-Level NFT+A-Level Material + 2000 Stones

TOP4-10:B-Level NFT+B-Level Material + 1000 Stones

God of War List Reward

After the sale of the last blind box in this period is completed, the God of War list will be opened simultaneously, and the top 30 addresses in the list will receive rewards every week (40% in the first week, 30% in the second week, and 30% in the third week. 30%).

TOP1:22% of the total weekly prize pool

TOP2:14% of the total weekly prize pool

TOP3:10% of the total weekly prize pool

TOP4-10:Share 28% of the total weekly prize pool

TOP11-30:Share 26% of total weekly prize pool

Blind box sales will be opened on May 1, starting from the time when the last blind box is sold, the settlement will be made every 7 days (rewards are directly airdropped to the address)

Link: ConDragon - The first DeFi+NFT+RPG game on Conflux